Who Really Uses Speed Rail Fittings?

Whether you’re designing a playground, handrail, queue rail, material handling card, or railing around the Space Shuttle launch pad at the Kennedy Space Center, Speed-Rail® produces a mechanical fitting system to meet your needs.

Speed-Rail Fittings are the standard in a broad range of industries and they are made in the USA.

Consider some of these applications for Speed-Rail Fittings:

Aerospace/Military Applications

aerospace speed railSpeed Rail Fittings can be found all over the world, including:

  • Cape Canaveral
  • Kennedy Space Center
  • US Army Corps locks and dams
  • Bureau of Reclamation dams
  • FAA installations
  • Power Generation Facilities, and more.

Amusement and Theme Parks

Speed-Rail fittings are used to create durable and dependable queue railing systems in over two dozen major theme parks nationwide.

Their superior design means that the rail can provide years of service with little to no maintenance. They can also be easily reconfigured to adjust to park’s changing needs over time. You can easily add more rail and fittings to handle longer lines, or adjust the overall shape of the queue line pretty quickly and easily.

All our pipe and fittings are sturdy and dependable with a high degree of corrosion resistance, requires little maintenance.

Bleacher and Stadium Applications

Speed Rail’s corrosion-resistance, strength, and ease of installation have made these components the product of choice for a number of the world’s largest and most popular stadiums. Speed Rail fittings are capable of not only withstanding harsh weather but also stand up to the rigors of everyday use.

Entertainment Applications

The Product of Choice for Camera Mounts to Lighting Rigs

entertainment speed rail fittings

Speed Rail Fittings are the product of choice for many situations — from camera mounts to lighting rigs. The strong yet lightweight fittings with knurled set screws make assembly quick and easy, for fast set up and tear downs. This efficiency saves production time, and its strength can be trusted with the most valuable equipment.

Speed Rail fittings are extremely durable which means they can also be used time and time again. From camera mounts to lighting grids – for gaffers, grips and riggers – -Speed Rail gets the job done.

General Railing Applications

general speed rail fittingsSpeed Rail aluminum fittings work in handrails for walkways, highways, bridges, platforms, around tanks, machines, or on any project that requires reliable, corrosion-resistant, heavy-duty fittings. No matter what the environmental elements, you can trust Speed Rail fittings.

Speed Rail Fittings have been proven to survive the rigors of everyday use, plus tested to 1,000 hours of salt-spray exposure. Speed Rail fittings provide a strong, yet flexible system, that can be installed and if need be, reconfigured with ease.

Miscellaneous Pipe and Fitting Applications

Speed Rail fittings may be used to attach pipe together in a multitude of configurations or for providing handrail systems around larger products such as tanks and machine tools. Typical structural and non-structural applications are:

  • miscelaneous speed rail fittingsAnimal Enclosures
  • Furniture
  • Shelving
  • Trade Show Booth Structures
  • Exercise Equipment
  • Bicycle Racks
  • Solar Panel Supports and Racking Systems
  • Graphics Display Support Structures
  • Marine equipment

The list and applications are endless. Speed Rail fittings can be used on whatever challenge your imagination and creativity have to offer.

Store Fixtures and Displays

store fixtures speed rail fittingsStyle and functionality for your store.

Speed Rail pipe fittings are ideal for the retail market whether on the floor or behind the scenes in the back room. These aluminum pipe fittings are not only sturdy for in-store use, they provide a great design to the showroom to display your items.

Speed Rail designs are sturdy and can be easily reconfigured to adjust to changing display needs in your store. Numerous styles and finishes are available to provide everything from a contemporary look to an urban warehouse look.

Waste Water Treatment Plants

wastewater speed rail fittingsWaste water treatment plants require reliable, corrosion-resistant, heavy-duty railing elements. Site employees need to rely on stable, secure railing to safely move around the facility. Treatment plants around the country have trusted Speed Rail fittings to provide durable, long lasting systems that have been proven to survive the rigors of everyday outdoor exposure. Speed Rail fittings are tested to over 1,000 hours of salt-spray exposure to ensure they’ll stand the rigors of the site. Speed Rail fittings provide a strong, yet flexible system, that can be installed and if need be, reconfigured with ease.

Solar Panel Racking Systems

solar panel speed rail fittingsSpeed Rail fittings —combined with aluminum pipe–make stable, secure, corrosion-free mounting rack systems for both ground and roof mounted solar panels.

Speed-Rail fittings are ideal for this application because the aluminum-magnesium 535 alloy used to manufacture them is:

  • The most corrosion resistant aluminum alloy available.
  • Supported by our 10-year corrosion warranty.
  • Can be used with steel without any concern for galvanic corrosion.

Other Industrial Applications

Speed Rail fittings have been used in some of the most challenging job sites, such as the mining and construction industry, and offshore/petrochemical platforms.

Speed Rail’s corrosion-resistance, strength, and ease of installation have made the product of choice in many industrial applications. Beyond its durability and stability, Speed Rail fittings offer a long-term, low-worry, low-cost of maintenance.

Speed-Rail fittings are capable of not only withstanding harsh weather and chemicals but also stand up to the rigors of everyday use at a refinery or offshore rig. In addition to the overall cost savings associated with the initial installation, the flexibility to reconfigure without welding and the non-sparking characteristics of the product make our Speed Rail fittings a perfect fit for this industry.

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