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Advantages of Cable Railing for Life Safety Projects

Cable Railing Offers Superior Site Lines, Plus It’s Easy and Affordable Stainless Steel Cable railing provides great aesthetics, contemporary style, minimal maintenance and design flexibility to any project whether commercial or residential without compromising the most important deliverable, life safety. The flexibility and versatility of the product – whether used either indoors or out – […]

Commercial Bike Racks Earn LEED Points

When designing your next project with LEED — Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design — in mind, consider adding commercial bike racks as a means of green building and earning LEED points. As part of LEED, the intent is to promote “bicycling and transportation efficiency and reduce vehicle distance traveled. To improve public health by encouraging […]


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Straightforward installation and the ability to customize your look.


Lighted Railing Installation

Installation instructions for Lumenrail®


Cable Railing Installation

Learn about Ultra-tec® cable cutting, swaging measurements and how to install cable railing.