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History of J.G. Braun Company by J.G. Braun III

While clearing out some paperwork, I found this history of J.G. Braun Company written by J.G. Braun III. April 14, 1970 To whom it may concern: Der Kanominn Jakob Gottried Braun was born in Muchengladbach Germany on February 28th, 1857 in the year of our Lord. From November 6th, 1870 through September 234d 1880, Kanominn […]

Old Milwaukee Lives, Dies in Adolph’s Little Red Book

Article that appeared in the Sunday, September 28, 1941 edition of the Milwaukee Journal. By GORDON RANDOLPH Of The Journal Staff   He sits there expectantly, a smile beaming on his round, ruddy face. The man who keeps a red book of death. He also raises blue kohlrabis, strawberries, currants, raspberries and tomatoes. Goateed and […]


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Lighted Railing Installation

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Cable Railing Installation

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