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Kee Klamp® Technical Specifications

The Kee Klamp Fitting The simple but effective engineering principle of the Kee Klamp fitting is the foundation of the most versatile pipe connection system available. There are many variations of fittings to suit a wide range of applications. Thus providing the versatility to achieve virtually any structural configuration. Kee Klamp fittings are generally made from cast […]

What is the Difference Between Wrought Iron and Cast Iron

Most people often assume that wrought iron and cast are an interchangeable terms however there is quite a difference between these two types of metal. Wrought Iron is a soft material produced from semifused pure iron surrounded by slag, it contains less than 0.1 percent carbon and 1-2 percent slag. In contemporary usage, wrought iron is […]


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Straightforward installation and the ability to customize your look.


Lighted Railing Installation

Installation instructions for Lumenrail®


Cable Railing Installation

Learn about Ultra-tec® cable cutting, swaging measurements and how to install cable railing.