Trends in Airport Handrailing Systems

Airports of are often the first places we see new trends in modernity, and handrailing systems are no exception. Styles have changed with handrail panels becoming more transparent to create the illusion of space, and giving a more modern feel to these aging pieces of infrastructure. Let the light in with a no-post design and glass railing system that offer great sight lines to maximize light flow for a brighter more appealing environment.

Love Field Dallas Texas. Southwest Terminal Handrail System
Love Field Dallas Texas. Southwest Terminal, By Stainless Fabricators Inc.

Airport Handrailing Systems

The latest trends are leaning more toward minimalist styling that include stainless steel and aluminum railings with glass panels. We are also seeing architects incorporate lit handrails into these systems to also provide pathway lighting.  The reason is simple: These are cost-effective measures that provide safety and are aesthetically pleasing to look at. Glass is a natural aesthetic with stainless steel and this trend is catching on. Some airports that heavily feature this look are Hartsfield Jackson Airport, Detroit Metropolitan Airport, Niagara International Airport and San Diego International Airport. Hartsfield Jackson Airport alone will see 100 million passengers this year. Handrail systems need to be tough to absorb the punishment of 100 million passengers.

So what are your desires when you pick a railing company? Does your mind go to form before function? Do you see picturesque glass railings in your future? Here is one thing you can’t afford to do: You can’t afford to pick a low-quality provider of handrail systems. No what artistic spin you want to do to differentiate your work, you need a quality outfit to help create that gorgeous idea you have for a glass railing system. Wagner railing systems are one of the best companies in the industry to get that done. Wagner also features cable railing, post mounted glass railing systems and point and linear lit handrail.

Handrailing Functions and Artistic Touches

Glass railing is a life safety system with high-performance that combines leading innovation and durability. Not only aesthetically pleasing Wagner can provide a code-compliant design suitable for your next airport railing job. Architects, engineers and project managers rely on us for our expertise in building codes and ADA standards to deliver complete glass railing safety systems.

Lighting the way and adding your specific artistic touch has never been easier with Wagner.

In summary, the trends in airport railings are toward cost-effective materials employed in a minimalist way. Glass and lighting is being used to add artistic flair and safety. Your job is find a skilled provider of these systems at a smart price.


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