Robust Railing Systems for the Water’s Edge

The Right Rail for Your Marine Environment

Specifying railing systems for marine environments can be challenging. Whether you’re planning a handrail by the waterside or a stair railing down to the beach, Wagner offers versatile solutions to help bring people closer to water, safely and beautifully.

Water can offer one of the most soothing environments as well as one of the harshest. At Wagner, we are no stranger to providing high-performance railing products with the soundness to face ever-changing marine conditions; wind, rain, sun, snow, flooding, erosion and rising tides – whatever nature has in store. Wagner has a reputation for providing unparalleled quality and only the finest metal parts for your project.

 Riverfront Handrail Renaissance

Riverfronts are seeing more traffic than ever, and we couldn’t be happier. A great example is Diamond Teague Park in Washington D.C. – once a profusely polluted area, reborn through an exceptionally hard-working community movement. Boasting a 39,000 square foot plaza, a water taxi and public piers, the banks of the Anacostia River are a now beautiful public thoroughfare, with walkways flanked by Wagner Heavy-Duty Aluminum Railings. Built with the strength, durability and no-paint maintenance to weather the elements, we are proud to have offered the metal handrail solution for this inspiring project.

Diamond Teague Park, Washington D.C.

Diamond Teague

Safer Shores with Lighted Stair Rail

Being on the water is one of the best ways to relax. Naturally, when the sun goes down, the foot traffic doesn’t stop. Handrails in these areas can work double duty, not just offering tactile wayfinding, but also lighting the path. Maintaining the serenity of the surroundings while offering illumination is often the challenge of the designer. Our Lumenrail stair hand railing rose to that challenge in Port Angeles, Washington, with a goal of making their shoreline a publicly accessible, working waterfront. Lumenrail elegantly provides visitor safety on the stairways without taking away from the scenic amenities of the region. Stainless Steel Cable Railing allows flexibility and security, along with a nautical aesthetic that’s right at home.

Port Angeles

Port Angeles, Washington

Wherever you find water you find people. Keeping them safe and happy for years to come is something we take very seriously at Wagner. Have questions about finishes best suited for your marine environment? Give us a call and we’ll dive in!


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