Environmental Sustainability - Recycled Content and Recyclability

Wagner has been in the metal business since 1955.

“As a fourth-generation, family-operated organization, tracing its roots in metalworking in Milwaukee to 1850, R & B Wagner understands that sustainability is a never-ending journey. The Wagner family has both the opportunity and responsibility to contribute to a better environment for future generations. We strive to create a positive culture by researching and implementing ways to utilize resources more efficiently. Developing innovative products which are environmentally friendly and encouraging suppliers, surrounding communities and institutions to practice environmental sustainability.”

– Bob Wagner, CEO


Presently, Wagner manufactures handrail fittings and metal products for architectural and industrial applications. We have a large inventory of raw materials and over 5,500 stock items in steel, brass, bronze, aluminum and stainless steel.

As a metal component manufacturer and supplier, Wagner s is in a unique situation—nearly all of our products are made from some percentage of pre- and post-consumer recycled material. An inherent property of all metal products is that they can be recycled after their intended use is no longer required.

Due to the number of material suppliers and the various types of processes used to produce the raw materials that Wagner utilizes, it is difficult to determine the exact percentage of recycled material in each part. However, we do have minimum recycled content percentages attributed to each type of material. The following are the minimum percentages for parts produced by Wagner:

  • Steel—25% total recycled content, minimum
  • Stainless Steel—75% total recycled content, minimum
  • Aluminum—60% total recycled content, minimum
  • Brass and Bronze—95% total recycled content, minimum

Wagner is concerned and will continue to make efforts to lessen its impact on the environment and the earth’s natural resources. If you have questions about our products or how they may qualify for LEED certifications on your project, please contact us.